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Is your toilet giving you trouble? Our team at Pride Plumbing are experts in the toilet world with all the tools necessary to help fix or replace a toilet that is causing chaos.


Toilet Services We Offer
  • Clogged toilets: We'll get rid of those stubborn clogs using the latest tools and techniques, leaving your toilet functioning smoothly again.
  • Leaky toilets: Those tiny drips can waste a lot of water and money. Our experts will pinpoint the source of the leak and make the necessary repairs.
  • Running toilets: A constantly running toilet is not only annoying, but it can also inflate your water bill. We'll identify the cause and get your toilet back to its quiet, water-saving state.
  • Toilets that won't flush: Is your toilet refusing to cooperate? Our team can diagnose the problem, be it a clogged drain line, a faulty flapper, or something else, and get your toilet flushing properly again.
  • Toilet replacement: Is your toilet outdated, inefficient, or simply an eyesore? We can help you choose a new toilet that meets your needs and preferences, and then expertly install it for you.
  • Toilet installation: Whether you're building a new bathroom or replacing an old toilet yourself, our plumbing experts can ensure that your new toilet is properly installed to prevent leaks and ensure optimal performance.

Water Heaters

No hot water? We can diagnose and repair most water heater problems. If your water heater is old or inefficient, we can also replace it with a new, energy-saving model.


Water Heater Services We Offer
  • Traditional hot water heater repairs: Our technicians can diagnose and fix any problem with your traditional hot water heater, from leaks and strange noises to complete loss of hot water, getting you back to enjoying hot showers quickly.
  • Traditional hot water heater replacements: Is your traditional hot water heater old, inefficient, or no longer keeping up with demand? We'll help you choose the best new model to fit your needs and handle the entire replacement process, including removing your old unit.
  • Traditional hot water heater installations: Need a new hot water heater for any reason? Pride Plumbing can install your new traditional hot water heater, ensuring optimal performance and preventing leaks.


Clogged drains are a common plumbing issue, but they don’t have to slow you down. We have the tools and expertise to clear clogged drains quickly and efficiently.


Drain Cleaning Services We Offer
  • Clogged Drain Clearing: From stubborn sink backups to overflowing toilets, our technicians are equipped to tackle any clog with the right tools and techniques.
  • Advanced Drain Cleaning Techniques: We use a variety of methods to clear even the toughest clogs, ensuring your drains flow freely.
  • Drain Line Inspection: We can use video cameras to diagnose the cause of your clog and identify potential problems within your pipes. (Note: This does not include hydro-jetting services)

Water Leaks

Don’t let a small leak turn into a major headache. Our technicians are top notch at finding and fixing leaks, big or small, to save you money and prevent water damage.


Leak Services We Offer
    • Water Line Repair: We can fix or replace damaged water lines, using the most appropriate methods for your specific situation.
    • Pipe Repair: From burst pipes to faulty joints, our technicians can repair various pipe types to restore functionality and prevent future leaks.

    We'll diagnose the problem quickly, fix the leak efficiently, and minimize any disruption to your home.

Plumbing Fixtures

Is your faucet dripping or your toilet running? We can repair or replace any plumbing fixture in your home, from faucets and toilets to showerheads and garbage disposals.


Fixture Services We Offer
  • Fixture Installation: From faucets and showerheads to toilets and sinks, Pride Plumbing can install all types of fixtures, ensuring a flawless and leak-free finish.
  • Fixture Selection: We offer a wide variety of high-quality fixtures to match your style and budget. Our technicians can help you choose the perfect pieces that complement your existing decor.
  • Faucet Repair: Is your faucet dripping or spraying? Don't replace the whole thing! Our technicians can diagnose and repair most faucet issues, saving you money and time.

Garbage Disposal

A jammed garbage disposal can be a real nuisance. Pride Plumbing can repair most garbage disposal problems, or replace your unit if necessary.


Garbage Disposal Services We Offer
  • Garbage Disposal Installation: Looking to add the convenience of a garbage disposal to your kitchen? We can install a new unit, ensuring proper connection and functionality.
  • Garbage Disposal Repair: Is your garbage disposal making strange noises, leaking, or not grinding properly? Our technicians can diagnose and fix most garbage disposal problems, getting it back to top performance.
  • Garbage Disposal Replacement: If your garbage disposal is beyond repair or outdated, Pride Plumbing can help you choose the right replacement model and handle the entire installation process, disposing of your old unit responsibly.

Plumbing problems shouldn't break the bank. Get a competitive estimate and see the difference.

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Tankless Water Heaters

We can handle your tankless water heater needs! Our services include installation of new units and flushes to keep your existing heater running smoothly and efficiently.


Tankless Services We Offer
  • Installations: Need a new, energy-saving tankless water heater? We'll handle the entire process, from helping you choose the right gas or electric model to install in your home.
  • Flushing: Regular flushing removes mineral buildup that can reduce efficiency and lifespan. Our technicians will perform a thorough flush to keep your tankless water heater running at its best.

Camera Inspections

We have the technology to see inside your drains and find cracks, clogs, and more.


Camera Inspect Services We Offer
  • Blockages: We can pinpoint the exact location and size of any clogs, saving you time and money on unnecessary drain cleaning.
  • Potential problems: Early detection of cracks, root intrusion, or misaligned pipes can prevent future headaches and expensive repairs.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing your drains are healthy gives you confidence your plumbing is functioning smoothly.

Schedule your drain checkup and keep your water flowing freely!

Home Repipe

Is your home’s plumbing due for an upgrade? At Pride Plumbing, we offer expert repiping services to ensure your water flows freely and reliably.


Home Repipe Services We Offer
  • Restore Confidence in Your Plumbing: We replace aging or damaged pipes with high-quality materials, eliminating leaks and potential bursts.
  • Boost Water Pressure: Say goodbye to weak showers and trickling faucets. Repiping can significantly improve your water pressure throughout the house.
  • Increase Property Value: A modern plumbing system is a valuable asset, making your home more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind: With a repipe from Pride Plumbing, you can relax knowing your plumbing is up-to-date and less likely to cause problems in the future.

We offer a variety of repiping options to suit your needs, from whole-house repiping to targeted repairs for specific areas. Pride Plumbing will work efficiently to minimize disruption and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

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